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Amexo has built a world wide reputation for producing functional resistance products. Boxing and martial arts represent some of the most effective training system for gaining a high standard of fitness. The blend of boxing, kick-boxing and other forms of physical combat training has gained a wider audience with group trainers and personal trainers .This training achieves higher levels of effectiveness with the introduction of quality training tools such as gloves, mitts, pads, sheilds, speed balls, punching bags and other

Amexo has created fight training products that every one can use with confidence. They have been designed and developed with durability and safety as the highest priority. Each piece of equipments can be incorporated into a combat training programme easily taking that training to new levels.

Amexo Professional - giving you the tools to make every minute of every workout the ultimate experience in fitness training. If you do not take your professional series then this is probably not a range for you. However if you believe in offering your clients the best equipment money can buy then you should go on......... To the next page for the next step in fitness


Amexo Professional Team

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Boxing Gloves Boxing Professional Gear Head Gear Grappling Gloves
Focus Punching Mitts Punching Bags Bag Mitts Chest Guards
Shin Insteps Speed & Double End Balls Iron Stands Boxing Shoes
Karate Uniforms Judo Uniforms Taekwondo Uniforms Kungfu Ninja Uniforms
Kick-boxing Suits Boxing Apparel kick & Training Shields karate Belts
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